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Dr. Peter Ruest, CH-3148 Lanzenhaeusern, Switzerland
- Biochemistry - Creation and evolution

-  "... the work which God created to evolve it"
(Genesis 2:3)

-  "... my sons... and my daughters..., everyone..., whom I created... formed... evolved"
(Isaiah 43:6-7)

The meaning of

Paraske: In the New Testament, the Greek paraskeuê stands for "preparation" and "preparation day" [German "Zurüstung" and "Rüsttag"] (Matthew 27:62; Mark 15:42; Luke 23:54; John 19:14,31,42) and indicates the day of preparation, the day preceding the sabbath. In all these verses, the important preparation day for the Passah is in view - the day on which Jesus died on the cross, to rise triumphantly on the third day. Paraskeuázô means "to prepare" or "to prepare oneself".

Anéstê: The Greek anístêmi means "to rise" (e.g. from the dead) or "to be raised"; of which the aorist (indicating an action occurring at a given time and only once, cp. the French passé simple) in the 3rd person is anéstê, "he is risen".

With my address, I on purpose join my name Rüst (cf. paraskeuê, German "Rüsttag") to my aim of being ready for the second coming of Jesus, the One bodily raised from the dead* (cf. anéstê, "he is risen"), and the expectation then to be raised, as well, together with the whole Church of those belonging to him.

*) Wright, N.T. (2003), The Resurrection of the Son of God (Fortress Press, Minneapolis, ISBN 0-8006-2679-6).

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