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Plants Only for Animals?

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P. Rüst (2008), "Plants Only for Animals? - A Young Earth Creationist Argument Contradicted by the Bible", Manuscript, 3 p.

Translated from the German original: P. Rüst (2008), "Nur grüne Pflanzen für Tiere? - Ein Argument des Kurzzeitkreationismus, dem die Bibel widerspricht"
, Manuskript, 3 S.


A pseudoargument of young earth creationism (YEC):
"...sin came into the world through one man,
and death through sin" (Romans 5:12)

- therefore: death came with Adam's fall
- therefore: no death before Adam
- therefore: no animals died before Adam
- therefore: no predators before Adam

A supposed biblical proof:
What did God give the first humans and animals to eat?

- the first humans and animals "green plants" (Genesis 1:30)
- Noah, in addition to the "green plants", meat (Genesis 9:3)


1. Young Earth Creationism
2. Green plants for all animals as the creation order?
3. Meat in addition to green plants for Noah after the Flood?
4. Inconsistencies in the immediate context
5. The use of fish
6. Creation order without food restrictions
7. No new food order for Noah, but expiation for human blood shed
8. Young Earth Creationism in contradiction to the full biblical context


- On the basis of the biblical text, the YEC argument of God having given humans and animals "green plants" only for food initially, while supplementing these with meat for Noah doesn't hold water.

- In Genesis 1:30, God gave "green plants" to the animals

- In Genesis 9:3, the "green plants" refer to human

- Noah sacrificed animals before God supposedly permitted him to eat meat. Abel, as well. Did no one eat meat for 1000 years? When did leopards begin to eat meat: just after Adam's fall or only after the flood? As predators, they would not have been permitted to eat anything. Every single transformation of a herbivore species to a carnivore one would have amounted to an enormous divine miracle, of which the bible knows nothing.

- In all of the Old Testament, eating "green plants" is mentioned nowhere but in Genesis 1:30 and 9:3. In all of Genesis, "ruling over the fish" occurs nowhere but in 1:28 and 9:2, i.e. at the same two places considered. How should one rule over the fish without eating them? Thus, death existed in the initial creation economy, before Adam's fall.

- What does Genesis 1:26-30 really
say about food? For humans, there is "every plant yielding seed" and "every tree with seed in its fruit". These are the principle components of human nutrition: cereal crops as staple food and vitamin-rich fruits. For animals, plants only are mentioned, as in the final analysis, all food is derived from plants. How should readers of this text arrive at the idea that leopards once ate grass? Nowhere meat as food is excluded!

- Genesis 9:1-7 contains God's blessing for Noah. Its primary emphasis is on the immense dignity of human life, symbolized in the blood, which points to the propitiatory sacrifice of Jesus. New, from Noah's time onward, is the command to have a human judiciary punish murder. Nowhere
meat is said to be an allowed food now only!

- The ideas of God's forbidding humans to eat the meat of their sacrifices and of having manipulated certain animal species to become predators virtually immediately (without any explanation) contradict the biblically known manner of God's dealings.

- All this results from biblical considerations only. But to that we have to add that YEC is completely out of touch with reality, e.g. regarding the reliability of dating methods, the physical impossibility of a global flood, the genetic continuity between all biological species and their very slow changeability.

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